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2012 Zombies vs Aliens

2012 Zombies vs Aliens
  • #: 34292
  • Price: $4.99 In Apple Store
  • Category: Games
  • Updated: 2010-02-09
  • Current Version: 1.1.2
  • 1.1.2
  • Size: 9.60 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: Infinidy Corp.
  • Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 2.2 or later
  • © Infinidy Corp
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#spread.the.word., .its.a.party


Over a MILLION Players with 4 stars rating! - You NEED this game!

iPad Users: Works like a charm on the iPad!


If you have tests, exams or busy at school/college -


Here is why:

"This game is so good I failed my science exam" - PlayHaven User

"So Good... I missed school yesterday" - iTunes Reviewer

THE Reviews:

"Shoot down Aliens!..." - ABC News Television Broadcast.

"At ... even a slightly higher price, 2012 is a no brainer. It will give you countless hours of gameplay and hits that perfect sweet spot between individual level play time and strategy." - 148Apps.com

"With three difficulty settings, as well as the Alien campaign mode, you could conceivably play this game for a very long time...." - SlideToPlay.com

THE Mess:

In 2012, Aliens in search of new habitats wiped out the human race, having mistaken humans for just another pest on Earth. Their massive alpha particle weapons laid waste to all human life on the planet, leaving them free to sow the seeds that would make the planet livable for them.

Upon returning years later, expecting to find a new haven, they instead found that those same alpha particles had transformed the dead human flesh into undead hordes of Zombies! Now, as the Aliens return to Earth, a new power struggle to claim lordship over the planet has begun! You are the Zombie Commander charged with defeating the Aliens and saving Zombianity.

After that you can unlock the ability to become the Alien Commander and seize control over the Earth by eliminating the Zombie hordes.

Which side will you choose?

UPDATE 1.1.1

* A whole NEW SKIRMISH Mode added!

UPDATE 1.1.2

* Fixed Crashing Bug

* Balanced level!



* Literally DAYS of Gameplay!

* Dynamic Artificial Intelligence System

* Amazing sound effects with insanely cool graphics!

* Particle effects!

* Two Unique Civilization options: Zombies and Aliens

* 56 Zombie Levels - 8 Cities to conquer with 7 sub-levels in each!

* 56 Alien Levels - 8 Cities to conquer with 7 sub-levels in each!

* 112 Levels in Total!

* 7 Zombie Soldiers with 3 unique bombing options

* 7 Alien Soldiers with 3 unique bombing options


AWESOME OpenFeint integration:

* Over 40 OpenFeint Achievements to be DISCOVERED!

* 1000 OpenFeint points to be LOOTED!

* 6 Unique Open-Feint Leader Boards... wow

Spread the word people! ;)

What's New in Version 1.1.2

Fixed the Crashing Problem :) Go kill those Aliens/Zombies, (whichever you like)
Note: Our Community is hot and active so join us and give us your cool ideas! (you can access the community by clicking on the "community/feedback" button from within the game!)


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Rated 5/5 based on 3 customer reviews.


5/5 stars

A great trench warfare game.

This game is an excellent entry into the "trench warfare" genre, which you may have seen elsewhere in the flash game Warfare 1914 or the iPhone game Trenches. 2012 ZvA does quite a few things differently from the genre standard though, which help to set it apart.

The first thing that you'll notice is that you can't assign individual troop movements. At first this feels limiting, but really it cuts down on the frantic multitasking inherent to the genre; 90% of the commands you issue in these games are to move forwards, and you normally have to issue this command to every unit individually. This system saves you all that frenetic tapping, leaving you to make strategic decisions about troop deployment and bunker usage.

The second big difference is the way that the trenches are handled. Any unit that encounters a trench will enter it and stop until directed to leave. Each trench can hold three units at a time, and you can select the trench to view the health bars of the units contained in it, as well as deploying them from it individually. If you do not want units to enter a trench because you've advanced past it you can simply tap the trench and set it to "locked" status, which will cause units to walk past it.

Due to these mechanics the game becomes a strategic tug-of-war between you and the enemy, advancing and defending your trenches. That you can only hold three units per trench means you need to plan out your assaults carefully, as sending only three units forward will likely end in the loss of those units. There will be times when you wish that there was a halt or retreat command as you watch your troops march into the maws of death, but the lack of these features is not an oversight but a deliberate design choice. Ironically, this game focuses more on trench strategy than Trenches does!

Graphically the game is very sharp. The art style is very distinctive and all of the units have unique designs and style. The framerate stays rock-solid in even the most drawn-out firefights, and in general everything is very well done. The menus are plain and easy to navigate and the UI as a whole is simple, elegant and efficient.

The difficulty curve in this game is quite steep. The first several missions are simple, requiring nothing more than a dozen basic troops thrown at the enemy, but by the second set of levels you'll have to do a lot of fancy planning with unit deployment and trench usage. You'll earn money to upgrade your troops firepower for each mission completed, and you can (and likely will need to) replay earlier missions for cash to get upgrades to pass later missions. So yes, the difficulty ramps up faster and higher than some will like, but I view that as a very good thing: this game's campaign has infinitely more staying power than any other entry into the genre I've encountered.

Speaking of which, there are two campaigns. This is Zombies vs Aliens, and you get to play as both. Only Zombies are available initially, but later you can play through a second campaign as the invading alien race, further extending the campaign playtime with each campaign having 56 levels across eight cities. Add into this a customizable skirmish mode, and you have a lot of playtime to look forward to.

Long story short: This game is an exemplary installment in the trench warfare genre. It has crisp distinctive graphics, smoothed out and refined gameplay, and developers who listen to feedback and perform regular updates. It has OpenFeint integration so there are leaderboards to compete on, plus it has a ton of content in the twin campaigns. This is an amazing value at it's normal asking price of three dollars, getting it for less is an incredible bargain.

5/5 stars

outstanding game!

hi and thanks a lot if you are looking at my review, if you are doing it to consider buying this wonderful game, i will not let you down! please read all the points i make about this game and choose whether i helped or not, hope i did!
this are the different sections that i will review about z vs a 2012:


The storyline for this game is really good and original. Its 2012 and as predicted by different civilisations, humanity has come to and end. Spacial beings way superior than us have evaporized us so they can use our planet for theyre colony. They planted seeds on Earth so that they could live here now that were gone.They went away to do other stuff for some years while the seeds grew, after returning some years later they find out that instead of being able to live peacefully on the planet,they started a war. see, theyre seeds reanimated our mutilated corpses, turning us into (what else could it be?) zombies. Now that our enemies are back, zombies are waging war on the aliens in hopes of killing them all so we can continue with our zombie lives. in the game, you are the zombie commander and must wisely and tactically send youre zombie mates to kill the plague which has attacked Earth!
When you finish the zombie campaign, it turns the other way around so that now you are the alien high commander and need to get rid of the undead enemies to be able to peacefully live on Earth!
Choose youre side.

for each side, you can control a variety of 7 zombies and 7 aliens that range from ninja to commander, each class may be upgraded by paying some of the coins you earn in battle, kind of like the app called cartoon wars. additionally, apart from those soldiers you can also buy 3 different types of bombs for each faction, airstrikes and stuff. in total for the campaign there are 8 cities to wage war on, each having a total of 7 battles. in total there are 112 levels, so it kind of takes a while to finish the main campaign, which only adds up to the enchantment of this game. apart from the main campaign, there is a skirmish mode where you can customize youre own set of rules, classes, etc. the main gameplayis basically like the app called trenches, you have a 'God view' from the side and from there you can send youre soldiers, youve got to wait for youre mana to recharge before sending more soldiers. there are also trenches with which you can interact, by sending youre soldiers for cover into them, making them less vulnerable. overall, good strong gameplay!

The graphics are cool, they are really well drawn and make it funnier with all the gore which sprays around when someone (or something) gets killed. although it could do with some more variety on the campaign involving background images, the graphics are quite sweet.

The sounds are quite neat too. The main menu song is really cool and repressents with ease the action packed adventure that awaits you! the in-game sounds and music are really good too, they just add up to the cool experience of playing.

The controls are really (and i mean REALLY) easy to get used to, they are quite simple, so you dont have to memorize a long list of controls, so you cant really critisize this games controls beacause they are quite neat.

It is a steal. It normally costs 3 dollars which is really good for a game this size, but now that they are on a bargain sale and it costs 1 dollar, i really feel it is a steal towards the makers of this game that the price is so low, so if you want z vs a 2012, buy it quickly before the producers read this review and put the price up again!

This is one of the best things about this game: it never gets old. it has basically infinite replayability with all the different custom settings it has, so you will certainly not get bored with this app after a long time!

It is an excellent game and i really recommend it to anyone who has a good taste for games, so if youre reading this review, buy it now!

5/5 stars

2nd coming o_O?!?! FOR THE HORDE!!!

The more I play, the more I enjoy 2012 Zombies vs. Aliens. Initially when I picked up this game. I was completely engaged with the very eye-popping vibrant color scheme and uniquely delivered graphics. It feels like a comic book that literally came to life in the palm of your hands. Anyone who has played 9000b.c. knows exactly what I mean with very unique hand-drawn, extremely colorful graphics.

Ever feel a lack of content? Well you wont have that feeling while playing this game. Not only are you going to get a game full of content, but just like 9000b.c. your also going to get RPG elements for some added depth in which you can level your troops as you progress through this MASSIVE game.

I read through a few impressions and people said this game involved no strategy? Well to answer that question, at first you'll feel like your spamming units til days end. Well this I noticed will get you nowhere. The strategy lies within the characters. There are 7 different unit types for both Zombie as well as Alien factions that all look and act completely different from one another and that alone gives strategy itself. Your trench management also play a HUGE roll in success. Without proper foritfication your troops will result in epic fail. It's a good idea to keep fortifcation in mind before you decide to go John J. Rambo into battle.

These units all have there own strengths and weaknessness and compliment each other in a major way when it comes down to in-game strategy. Your going to get units for Morale, Melee, Sniping, Assaulting, Tanking with BFG's!, one of my favorite looking pack-spammers which are zombie dogs that to me resemble and act like Zerglings from StarCraft, and units for other complimenting purposes. Both factions also come with 3 unique Bombs that act as air-strikes that you can drop to gas, weaken defenses, and/or pure PWNAGE!!!

Other than the ton of upgradable units and air-strikes offered, there are also 8 major cities with 7 different sub levels to offer; But wait...While your playing one of the 2 huge campaigns you'll have 56 levels of heads up war per campaign. 112 levels of 2nd coming. That alone should last you hours on end. There is also a fully customizable skirmish mode that allows you to tailor the game to your current gaming needs. Full of possibilities.

The interface is very user friendly for both casual and more seasoned gamers-alike. The menu screens are right where they need to be, the tutorial is very informal and to the point, and the in-game navigation is as easy as the touch of a finger on the mini-map to put you spot on in the heat of battle or via sliding your finger across to map to follow your troops every step of the way. I love the layout because it doesn't feel cramped up in the least bit. The units are right where they need to be and very easy to deploy at will. There is a very simple and unique way to lock the bunkers for your troops to fortify and send out one by one or just simply unlock it with the touch of a simply placed icon and go balls out at will.

Just when you thought you had enough content, 2012 Zombies vs. Aliens also blesses you with the integration of one of the leading gaming social networks on the iDevice. OpenFeint. Yes, you can brag about the many achievements obtained through playing this game, share them amongst friend and foe as well as keeping up to date with whats going on in the fan club with information straight from the makers themselves. Have an idea you want to share? Openfient allows you to send it through the app itself directly to the dev. Leaderboards will always give you that additional something to strive as well.

As far as the sounds go in 2012 Zombies vs. Aliens, they really go hand in hand. Normally I either turn my sounds off or turn my music library on but in this game, you really want to crank this bad boy up and get caught up in the mayhem. I wish there was a sound board I could fire at will to scare people or just be entertained. Very well executed sounds.

The only thing I personally would like to see implemented is being able to control my units individually so I can get a since of freedom and added control within my troops and be able to focus on whats needed in real-time. Out of the game in it's entirety, this is my only gripe but it doesn't take away from the total experience what-so-ever. This is the ONLY honest reason I didn't complete the final star. I feel this game is a SOLID 4.5 stars as is though.

2012 Zombie vs. Aliens plays very smooth on my iPod Touch 2G. This game is an absolute gem that it jammed packed with content at a mere 9.6mb. I'm still wondering just how the devs were able to pack such a punch into that small of a file but I'm definitely not complaining either. If your looking for a balls out war in the palm of your hands that's user friendly and packed with epic sounds, vibrantly colored comicbook graphics, hordes of content and depth, Openfeint leaderboards and a generous amount of achievements, then 2012 Zombies vs. Aliens is your calling.

4.5 Stars


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